Carney's Community


Carney's Community





Carney's is an extraordinary community charity that supports kids from underprivileged areas in South London. Firstly, they're a boxing gym, but in reality they're so much more. Providing work, support, mentorship, a hot meal, and much needed hope. This film was to help raise funds and awareness, allowing them to keep going. It was made possible through the Mother Brown Promise fund. Carney's Community won silver at the Charity Film Awards 2023.


AgencyInto the Fold
ProductionMother Brown Films
DirectorsCaswell Coggins & Kevin Lee Brown
DOPJeremy Hewson
Add. CameraOli Ledwith & Phil Cooper
SoundMark Keshishian
ProducerAlessandra Davanzo
Editor / GradeLuke Tapley

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