Mother Brown Promise

Capturing human stories that inspire positive change.

For each production we deliver, we make a promise. We take 10% and put it into the Mother Brown Promise fund. We reinvest this fund into telling stories for which we have a special passion, conviction or soft spot. From the films we produce with charities to supporting storytelling in our local community, we feel compelled to shine a light on the amazing little corners of life that don’t always have a stage.

Giving a voice to forgotten communities

Our promise also allows us to invest time and production services into projects that give a voice to forgotten communities. Our Promise provides everyone with a purpose. It’s our way of ‘giving back’. Work with us and you can give back too.

Posh Boy Documentary


‘POSH BOY – FIGHTING FOR A FUTURE’ follows the lives, struggles and aspirations of young boxers from London’s inner-city boroughs.

Danh Tinh film

Danh Tinh

Danh Tinh’ is the incredible story of a Vietnamese community in London and Dam Van Huynh, an internationally celebrated choreographer.

Help Musicians UK

Help Musicians have been supporting musicians in times of crisis and opportunity for over 100 years. A lifeline for many musicians, they understand the unique challenges that musicians face.

Homeless Stories

Homeless Stories is an award-winning project that features first person accounts of people affected by homelessness.

End to End Production

We're a full service, end-to-end production studio based in London. Whether you’re looking to commission a team to shoot your film, for a hi-tech editing suite and sound studio, or to hire top quality kit, Mother Brown are here to help.

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