The House & Garage Orchestra


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The House & Garage Orchestra is the creation of old skool UK Garage (UKG) producer DJ Shy Cookie, and long-term friend and co-producer Ishmael Hamilton. The band is the original live touring and recording House & Garage focused project, responsible for some of the UK’s finest classic house and garage hits.

With the launch of their new album ‘House and Garage Classics’, a re-imagining of favourite classic house tracks featuring artists such as MC Neat, Camden Cox, Kele Le Roc, Sweet Female Attitude, Shelley Nelson, @missKaylaAmor, @oggiemusic and many more. We worked alongside record label NewState Music to produce six music videos, a TV commercial, and social pieces for various platforms including Facebook, Apple Music and their official Vevo page on YouTube.


DirectorKevin Lee Brown
DOPOliver Ledwith
ProducerNicki Reddington
CameraMark Kesheshian
EditorKevin Lee Brown
Camera/GradeLuke Tapley




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