The House & Garage Orchestra

The House & Garage Orchestra is the creation of old skool UK Garage (UKG) producer DJ Shy Cookie, and long-term friend and co-producer Ishmael Hamilton. The band is the original live touring and recording House & Garage focused project, responsible for some of the UK’s finest classic house and garage hits.

With the launch of their new album ‘House and Garage Classics’, a re-imagining of favourite classic house tracks featuring artists such as MC Neat, Camden Cox, Kele Le Roc, Sweet Female Attitude, Shelley Nelson@missKaylaAmor@oggiemusic and many more. We worked alongside record label NewState Music to produce six music videos, a TV commercial, and social pieces for various platforms including FacebookApple Music and their official Vevo page on YouTube.

Shot over two days at Angel Studios Islington while the band were rehearsing for their up coming tour. The challenge for us was in recording a live rehearsal, and not the album take, therefore syncing the music in the edit, with all those extra bars and free style additions, was tough.

However, we love a challenge here at MBF and after some clever cutting we produced all the content that NewState needed, and a few bonus social pieces to boot!


  • Sincere


  • Something in your eyes

    Something in your eyes

  • Movin' too fast

    Movin' too fast

  • Little bit of luck

    Little bit of luck

  • Flowers


  • Romeo


  • Social Piece #1

    Social Piece #1

  • Social Piece #2

    Social Piece #2

  • Social Piece #3

    Social Piece #3

Here’s what the client said…
Making these films with Kevin and his team was an absolute pleasure, painless and straightforward – plus a fantastic one stop shop service from idea to final broadcast versions, we had a lot of requirements but Motherbrown delivered on everything and turned it up to 11! And they look fabulous – the music videos look pretty good too hehe.
-Tom Parkinson | New State Music