Xerox – Channel Partner Portrait

The Idea behind this piece was to simply get a sense of what it was like being a Channel Partner.

What made them tick? What inspired them? All important information for wannabe entrepreneurs.

What the Client Said:

Isabelle Pampelune – SMB & Office Marketing Communications Manager Xerox


To create two videos which support Xerox Channel Partners in attracting and recruiting millennials:

What were you hoping to achieve with these films?  

The aim was to attract millennials and encourage them to apply to work amongst Xerox Channel Partners. We wanted to create a new way to engage with this target audience and to change their perception of a job in sales.

What was the hardest thing about getting it made?

The budget is always a challenge. Mother brown films were so easy to work with!

What impressed you most about our work and processes?

Your ability to relax everyone involved on the shoot. We were working with ‘real’ people so this was really crucial. Also, the creativity of the team, the little ideas that brought the films together.