Tandjung Sari 55th Anniversary Film

A documentary that celebrates the story of Tandjung Sari, a hidden paradise in Bali.

Tandjung Sari commissioned Mother Brown to produce this piece to celebrate their 55th Anniversary.   The brief was to produce a film that touches on the soul of Tandjung Sari and explores why this is still such a magical place in 2017.

It was a real honour and pleasure to spend time at Tandjung sari.  A magical place.  A special thanks to everyone that took part in the making of the film.



Tattie Wawo-Runtu

Diana Darling

Popo Danes

Iskandar Wawo-Runtu

Agus Setiawan Wawo-Runtu

Wita Wawo-Runtu


I Made Kaler

Ni Komang Supadmi


Yayasan Tandjung Sari

Seki Gong Yayasan Tandjung Sari

We travelled to Bali with a small but specialist crew and shot this film over one week.  Working in 4k we set about the enormous task of covering as much of our shot list as possible. We had done a lot of prep for the shoot and had worked closely with Avi Purnomo (General Manager) to secure key interviews from the Wija Wawo-Runtu family along with a number of contributors who we thought would be valuable to the story.  We built our days around the interviews and shot as much as we could either side of these trying to utilise the great light in the early mornings and later afternoons.   Some of the highlights of the week was when we filmed Sumarish and I made Kaler, people that had been working for the Hotel from the beginning.  Whilst on the island Bali’s Volcano Mount Agung decided to start creating a bit of activity.  For a moment we thought we would be stranded on the island … well we were hoping that would happen!

Tandjung Sari is the original boutique retreat, a handmade hotel situated on an idyllic stretch of Sanur beach. The vision of Dutch-Indonesian entrepreneur and Renaissance man Wija Wawo-Runtu (together with his wives Judith and then Tatie), Tandjung Sari started life as a home and meeting place in the Sixties, later becoming a hotel almost without anyone noticing.

Pre-dating the Hyatt and numerous other chains that have swamped the area, Tandjung represented a very low-key form of luxury. It was all about the simple pleasures: a serene and intimate atmosphere, local craftsmanship, warm hospitality and sumptuous local cuisine. The Wawo-Runtus really knew how to live and they wanted to share their experience. At Tandjung, guests could get to know the real Bali better. And they kept coming back, from newlyweds to celebrities such as David Bowie and Ingrid Bergman.