Lexus – Stormchasers

A film to accompany Lexus’s Creating Amazing campaign.

A powerful story inspired by the typhoon simulation chamber used to test each RX for leaks. We explore the incredible force of storms and what drives the people who chase them.

To produce a short film that would communicate Lexus’ amazing ( dedication to engineering in a way that everyone could relate to, whether or not they are car enthusiasts. Before reaching the showroom each Lexus RX must prove itself in a series of tests including being bombarded with 200mm of rainfall per hour in a typhoon chamber – without letting a drop in. The first thought that came to mind? A storm.

“Mother Brown Films encountered many obstacles on this shoot. Everything changed – from budget, to weather report and vehicle. I feared that we might end up making something unadventurous but Kevin always listened to our concerns and ensured that the integrity of the idea held fast. He offers a perfect mix of creative vision, collaborative spirit and fun. You can ask his opinion and he will always have one, which is reassuring, but he will also listen to ideas openly and find ways to make things happen. When the client saw the film, they were shocked (in a good way) and delighted. They said that it looked like a cinema-quality trailer; exactly the sort of epic feel we’d all envisaged.”

Jody Elphick, Managing Editor, Lexus magazine, Story Worldwide