Making of Mahler’s 8th Symphony

A documentary following nine music colleges that come together to play a one off concert of Mahler’s 8th Symphony at the Royal Festival Hall.

We were commissioned by Duet Group to produce a film that captured huge project. With over 500 pupils taking part over a weekend at Wellington College this was a huge project that Mother Brown produced.

Duet ( is the world’s first company dedicated to providing musical instruments and resources to schools and universities. Building on this mission, the company has created the Duet Philharmonic Orchestra: the UK’s best students coming together to play some of the greatest pieces of classical music ever written. In March 2013 the orchestra performed Mahler’s 8th Symphony with a choir at the Royal Festival Hall. Mother Brown Films was asked to document the their journey from rehearsal studio to stage.

“On ‘The Making of Mahler’ Kevin Mother Brown quickly understood what we were looking for: a filmed record of the project that also explains our mission to help schools and colleges to facilitate exceptional music making. But what was truly impressive was Kevin’s ability to combine this with an appreciation of the scale and difficulty of the task and an insight into the overwhelming power of the music. He brought all these strands together to make a gem of a film but under really tough conditions. A cast of thousands, one of the most complex symphonies ever written, a ridiculously short time frame and a limited budget were all marshalled by Kevin and his crew with good humour and sensitivity, without ever being intrusive or distracting.”

Tim Jackaman, Director, Duet Capital Spv