Tandjungsari – A Hand Made Hotel

Tandjung Sari is the original Bali boutique retreat, the vision of Dutch-Indonesian entrepreneur Wija Wawo-Runtu (together with his wives Judith and then Tatie). It started life in the Sixties as a home and meeting place, later becoming a hotel almost without anyone noticing.

Compared to places such as the Hyatt, Tandjung represented a very low-key form of luxury. It was all about the simple pleasures: an intimate atmosphere, local craftsmanship, warm hospitality and sumptuous local cuisine. The Wawo-Runtus really knew how to live and they wanted to share the experience. Here, guests got to know the real Bali. And they kept coming back, from newlyweds to celebrities such as David Bowie and Ingrid Bergman.

That understated approach continues to this day, under the caring management of Wija’s daughter Wita and her husband Avi. They asked Mother Brown to produce a film to celebrate their 55th Anniversary. They wanted something that reflects the soul of Tandjung and explores why this is still such a magical place.

After researching the hotel’s history, creating an ambitious shot list and working with general manager Avi to identify key contributors, our small crew set off for an action-packed week. The light there was amazing, so we shot in 4k in the early mornings and afternoons, around our interviews. When it was time to talk, we had the privilege of meeting lovely people such as Sumarish and I Made Kaler, who have been working at Tandjung since the beginning.

There was never a dull moment. Even the local volcano, Mount Agung, rumbled during our stay. We can think of worse places to be stranded…

Once back in London we had to turn around the edit in under 2 weeks to make the screening at their 55th Anniversary celebrations, after which we fine tuned the edit and delivered a number of films for use on social channels.

What an unforgettable experience. Thanks to everyone that helped to make this film.


2018 AVA Digital Awards – Platinum



  • 1 x Main Documentary – A Hand Made Hotel
  • 1 x Trailer for main film
  • 1 x Promo for Hotel
  • 8 x social edits



Tatie Wawo-Runtu

Diana Darling

Popo Danes

Iskandar Wawo-Runtu

Agus Setiawan Wawo-Runtu

Wita Wawo-Runtu


I Made Kaler

Ni Komang Supadmi


Yayasan Tandjung Sari

Seki Gong Yayasan Tandjung Sari



First of all, we would like to congratulate you and the Mother Brown Film Team for the Platinum Award you’ve been awarded at the recent AVA Digital Awards for the Tandjung Sari film. We are all proud with the achievement in this international competition that recognises excellence by creative professionals responsible for the planning, concepts, design and production of digital communication.

We would like to also thank you so much for your effort and professionalism in making such a beautiful documentary film for Tandjung Sari. As you already know, Tandjung Sari is one of the seminal boutique hotels in tropical Asia with its history of over 55 years, with its own uniqueness, which is not something that easy to be catch into a short documentary film, but you did!

I remember the first time we met at a guest gathering in Tandjung Sari in January 2017 and after that brief talk I felt certain that you were the right person to work with to make this documentary film for Tandjung Sari, which we had been thinking about for long time.

We are very happy and satisfied with the work, the collaboration and the smooth coordination by your team. The intensive, long distance communication developing the story idea, the research, making the plan and organizing the short list for interviews was extremely effective. At the beginning I thought one week shooting may have been a bit short but we could see the preparation and the coordination between you and the cameraman paid off and how professional you were, which made us confident the film would turn out well.

The shooting was completed on 23rd September 2017 and we had aimed to show the film during the celebration of Tandjung Sari 55th Anniversary on 7th October 2017. Unfortunately, we were working in a tight timeframe, so compiling and editing had to be done quickly through long distance communication.

Despite this, the first version came within one week, and as I quietly watched it on my computer I was happy and satisfied with this first draft, with only some very minor things requiring my feedback. We could tell that you understood and were able to capture the essence of the Tandjung Sari Hotel.

This documentary film has now become one of our important assets for the hotel. We use it not only for our promotional material but also as a training material for in-house training purposes for instance in induction training program for new staff.

Once again, I would like to personally congratulate for the achievement and thank you so much for the excellent work and good cooperation. Until the next project!

Best regards,


Aviadi Purnomo

General Manager

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