Posh Boy Doc

We’re delighted to share a new documentary project co-directed by our founder Kevin Lee Brown and Caswell Coggins.  

‘Posh Boy – Fighting For a Future’ follows the lives, aspirations and struggles, against all odds, of young boxers from London’s inner-city boroughs. 

Production started in 2019 with the original intention of making a long form Documentary, then Coronavirus hit. Everything changed, London was plunged into lockdown and we were faced with the prospect of stopping production. 

The pandemic doesn’t just pose a threat to our filming but also to the community at the heart of ’Posh Boy’. Our boxers, young men whose dreams and hard work are now being put on hold, their communities, already struggling with mental health, poverty, crime and abuse, and to London’s boxing world a place of solace for many young men. Lockdown now creates even greater challenges. 

So, our decision was to continue production and share our existing material through a regular series of web based short films on instagram and to continue capturing the story as it unfolds during the testing weeks ahead.

In order to do this we’ve had to adapt, extend our team, our processes and our workflow. 

Mixing content captured pre-Covid along with lockdown footage taken via group chats and self-shot diaries, Posh Boy is evolving into it’s own poignant drama.

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Mother Brown has supported the project from it’s inception, providing production, crew, cameras, kit and personnel, through to our post-production facility.

Support has come in from a brilliant crew of collaborators from across the industry including, Editor Toby Conway-Hughes from Marshall Street Editors, Colourist Lewis Crossfield, Graphic Designer Logan Fisher and music composed by Daniel Peppe & Jon Collyer.

We’re really proud of “Posh Boy” and would love for you to follow @poshboydoc on INSTAGRAM to see how the story unfolds. 

We’re currently looking for Brands, Broadcasters and investors that are interested in partnering and helping share these stories.


  • Teaser Part 2

    Teaser Part 2

  • Ep.1 - Technique

    Ep.1 - Technique

  • Ep.2 - Mo

    Ep.2 - Mo

  • Ep. 3 - Takes a Village to raise a child

    Ep. 3 - Takes a Village to raise a child

  • Ep. 4 - Germaine

    Ep. 4 - Germaine

  • Ep. 5 - Community Impact

    Ep. 5 - Community Impact

Instagram Stories

  • Mo - Lock Down

    Mo - Lock Down

  • Community Impact 2

    Community Impact 2

  • Germaine - Lock Down

    Germaine - Lock Down