Case Studies


Client: Tomorrow’s People
Ronan McDonald, Research and Policy Officer, Tomorrow’s People

Brief: To make a short film that shows the ethos behind Tomorrows People and explores the magic of the relationship between the staff and the people they support.

Results: “Whenever we talk to people about our work, it’s easy to tell them about the success stories – but the challenge is showing the journey along the way. Kevin came in to help us tell that story. The people we help: Kevin’s gift was in making people feel at ease when they talked about their hardest life experiences. He brought the viewer into a range of settings – the home, the workplace, When we launched the film at our annual national awards event, the crowd was blown away.”



Client: British Heart Foundation
Lottie Barnden, Mending Broken Hearts Appeal Manager, BHF Fundraising Projects

Brief: To produce a series of seven short films to support the Mending Broken Hearts appeal, which is helping scientists in their quest to regenerate heart muscle and cure heart failure. Mother Brown was asked to help tell a collection of very personal and moving stories, and to convey just how devastating this condition can be, for both patients and their families.

Results: “With a project like this the biggest concern is always that the filmmaker is on a different page but it was clear from the off that this wasn’t going to be a problem with Mother Brown Films. Kevin is a brilliant person to work with. Not only did he meet the brief perfectly, he was also extremely professional, flexible and understanding when dealing with sensitive issues and ad hoc constraints. His passion for what he does, his empathy for those around him and his ability to get the best out of others ensured that he exceeded our expectations on this project. Charlotte and James’s story resulted in a huge response online and continues to be one of the most emotive films that we have for this appeal.”



Client: Lexus/Story Worldwide
Jody Elphick, Managing Editor, Lexus magazine, Story Worldwide

Brief: To produce a short film that would communicate Lexus’ amazing dedication to engineering in a way that everyone could relate to, whether or not they are car enthusiasts. Before reaching the showroom each Lexus RX must prove itself in a series of tests including being bombarded with 200mm of rainfall per hour in a typhoon chamber – without letting a drop in.
Our first thought? A storm.

Results: “Mother Brown Films encountered many obstacles on this shoot. Everything changed – from budget, to weather report and vehicle. I feared that we might end up making something unadventurous but Kevin always listened to our concerns and ensured that the integrity of the idea held fast. He offers a perfect mix of creative vision, collaborative spirit and fun. You can ask his opinion and he will always have one, which is reassuring, but he will also listen to ideas openly and find ways to make things happen. When the client saw the film, they were shocked (in a good way) and delighted. They said that it looked like a cinema-quality trailer; exactly the sort of epic feel we’d all envisaged.”


Mahler 8

Client: Duet
Tim Jackaman, Director, Duet Capital Spv

Brief: Duet  is the world’s first company dedicated to providing musical instruments and resources to schools and universities. Building on this mission, the company has created the Duet Philharmonic Orchestra: the UK’s best students coming together to play some of the greatest pieces of classical music ever written. In March 2013 the orchestra performed Mahler’s 8th Symphony with a choir at the Royal Festival Hall. Mother Brown FIlms was asked to document the journey from rehearsal studio to stage.

Results: “On ‘The Making of Mahler’, Mother Brown Films quickly understood what we were looking for: a filmed record of the project that also explains our mission to help schools and colleges to facilitate exceptional music making. But what was truly impressive was Kevin’s ability to combine this with an appreciation of the scale and difficulty of the task and an insight into the overwhelming power of the music. He brought all these strands together to make a gem of a film but under really tough conditions. A cast of thousands, one of the most complex symphonies ever written, a ridiculously tight schedule and a limited budget were all marshalled by Kevin and his crew with good humour and sensitivity, without ever being intrusive or distracting.”